Koala #3 - 15x15 Inch Lovey Blanket

  • $18.00

Ships out within 3-5 business days. 

Approxamtely 15x15 inches. This size is great for infants and toddlers who love to snuggle! 

Handmade heirloom quality

Trimmed with cotton tassels or crochet lace. 

Double gauze and/or printed minky color blocking with minky (faux fur) backing. 

This blanket is one of a kind. 



Because of the delicate trim, wash in a gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry on low without heat or hang to dry. Do not wash in hot water and do not expose this blanket to heat from the dryer.


*** Disclaimer***


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP updated as of 2018) states the following:

Keep soft objects, loose bedding, or any objects that could increase the risk of entrapment, suffocation, or strangulation out of the baby's sleep area. These include pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, blankets, toys, bumper pads or similar products that attach to crib slats or sides. If you are worried about your baby getting cold, you can use infant sleep clothing, such as a wearable blanket. In general, your baby should be dressed with only one layer more than you are wearing.

It is fine to swaddle your baby. However, make sure that the baby is always on his or her back when swaddled. The swaddle should not be too tight or make it hard for the baby to breathe or move his or her hips. When your baby looks like he or she is trying to roll over, you should stop swaddling.

We ask that our blankets, as well as any blanket, not be left unsupervised with a child.

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